Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Apple Introduces New Licensing Program

Under Apple’s old licensing program, schools had a difficult time keeping their Apple software current and compliant, largely due to unpredictable upgrade cycles on the part of software developers. Schools usually make a big software purchase up front and then forget about it – that is, until something doesn’t work like it used to, and they’re forced to upgrade. And this is typically several revisions down the line. The new Apple Education Licensing Program makes it easier for schools to keep their Apple software up to date by offering a new annual coverage plan, giving schools a consistent set price and date that won’t fluctuate from year to year.

Most importantly, the new bundle structure allows schools to receive new releases that become available during the year. In addition, the Mac Software Collection and professional applications can be licensed for students to use. Under the new program, they can even take their applications with them after they graduate (legally)!

Schools can also choose the way they wish to distribute Apple software: such as their institution’s secured network or physical media kits. Apple charges a one-time, 10% enrollment fee when they sign up for a license, but Apple will waive the fee if schools enroll before December 13, 2009.

Included in the Mac Software Collection bundle is the latest Mac operating system, iLife, and iWork. Schools are required to cover 100% of the institutionally-owned or leased Mac computers, and at-home licenses for faculty and staff can be included in the total count. The Mac Software Collection bundles range in price, from $899 for up to 25 seats; to $199,999 for up to 10,000 seats. Other titles available for license include: Aperture 2, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Express, Logic Studio, and Logic Express. Licenses for Apple’s IT applications are also available.

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