Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Uses for a Document Camera in Your Classroom

Our school just purchased document cameras for the entire upper grade. If you're new to the world of document cameras, here are ten ways you can use a document camera in your classroom.

1- Place a book under the document camera. As you read aloud to your class, students can see the picture or even follow along with the text.

2- Place math manipulatives (clock, blocks, money, a protractor) under the document camera. All the students can watch as you or a student work a math problem with the manuliputives.

3- During oral reports, students can place their visual aids under the document camera. Students are inspired to add much more detail when they are aware their work will be displayed in this manner.

4- Place a piece of lined paper under the document camera. Project the lines onto the whiteboard, and students can view handwriting demonstrations with "real paper."

5- Place a digital timer under the document camera. Students can watch the countdown projected on the wall as they finish their assignment.

6- Place a mealworm pupa in a clear container and place it under the document camera. When it's ready to come out, watch it emerge.

7- Show student work samples. Choose a student who will let you edit his or her paper to model proper editing, or show off a "perfect sentence."

8- Use the title button to display the objective on the top tenth of the screen throughout the lesson.

9- Use the freeze button when teaching math. Freeze the image of the problem. While students are working on the problem, unfreeze the image, and Voila! There's the solution.

10- For fun, point the camera at your face and say something - anything! From their next homework assignment to your school's announcements - Kids enjoy watching you get a little silly.

What are some ways you use a document camera in your classroom?

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