Saturday, June 20, 2015

Protect Your Apple Watch Screen

Straight from the box (I had not even turned my Apple Watch on yet) to the Armorsuit Military Shield. Application was a little more challenging than other devices due to the nature of the curved screen; however, fear not. The tackiness of the spray (included) when combined with the stickiness of the shield (combined with the pliability and stretchiness of the shield itself) does indeed cover the entire screen - curves and all. 

After I pushed all the bubbles and excess liquid out with the supplied squeegee, I slowly and carefully began to press the sides down. It's true, the more dry they edges are, the better the sides and corners begin to stick. I was hesitant to use a hair dryer, as some users have suggested, so I opted to patiently press the sides and corners down, working my way around the device for several minutes. After about 15 minutes, the sides and corners had completely adhered to the device, and I can not even tell there's a shield on there. Thank you, ArmorSuit - you have a new customer.

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Carlos Guillen said...

You are the man Buzz....I want to be like you one day!