Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is "What If Week?"

8th grader, Bianca, shows a pillow case she painted at lunch on Monday.
Our middle school leadership team organized and carried out our own first-ever What If Week event, targeting our own middle school students. Students were confronted with a thought-provoking question each day, as well as lunchtime activities related to each day's question.

  • Monday: What if everyone accomplished their dreams?
  • Tuesday: What if there was no peer pressure?
  • Wednesday: What if everyone had a friend?
  • Thursday: What if no one wore masks?
  • Friday: What if everyone had a hero?

  • What If Week is a five day long school-wide event that will challenge and change how your students view life, their relationships, and their future. If you've never organized, or even heard of What If Week, this brief video summarizes our school's first-ever What If Week and might even give you a few ideas on how to organize one for your own school. 

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