Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Maps Go Techy

With over 2,000 interactive maps, games, and activities, Geography takes a giant leap beyond crayons and colored pencils. Rand McNally and mimio have partnered to give teachers more interavtive teaching tools for their classrooms and to help make learning Geography fun!

Rand McNally Classroom
More than 2,000 online maps - including reference, thematic, history, earth science and outline maps - with a search tool allowing users to find content; Interactive history maps, Reference articles and statistics for every continent, country and U.S. state; dozens of lesson plans that can be edited and printed, along with interactive games and activities that make learning fun; Weekly current-events articles, "Traveling Teddies" online postcards and geography Q&A; User's guide and tutorial with information on how to integrate the site into social studies, reading, math and science; and State-by-state correlations.

Price is based on an individual school purchase of a 12-month subscription service of $0.99 per student, with a $299.00 minimum and $749.00 maximum price. Individual teacher plans, called "Basic Plans" start at $49.99/year and increase based on additional features, such as access to lesson plans and state correlations. They also offer a reduced price for two or three year paid plans.

Follow this link for a 14-day free trial.

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