Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Time at Teacher Innovator Summer Camp...

Wanna go to camp? The camp, which starts in July 22, is designed to show teachers how to create and adapt online lessons using tools, provide insight into how teachers can more effectively integrate technology into the classroom, and build journaling and project-based learning skills.

The camp is open for Teachers at the K-8 level and will be under the direction of Michele Douglass, Ph.D., a teacher, district curriculum director and professional development instructor. is even offering selected teachers a full year's use of online curriculum for their classes, a $2,000 stipend, and an all-expenses-paid trip to Portland, Oregon – where is headquartered!

The application process involves a simple personal information form, the creation of a lesson using a template, and faxing a signature form. I've cleared my calendar and I'm gonna give it my best shot. Are you gonna go for it, too? What have you got to lose? is a pioneer in providing premier, Web-enhanced instruction and assessment tools.

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