Friday, February 6, 2009

Send Them To Geek Camp!

My two children get to learn computer skills anytime they want to. All they need to do is ask, and I'm always more than happy to unload what I know. But not all children have someone willing or able to teach them the necessary technology skills that have become so important in today's information age. No, it's not really called Geek Camp, but that's essentially what it is. It's called Giant Campus. I found this fascinating quote today:

Giant Campus offers summer programs in everything from 3D modeling and robotics to Web design and C++, and more. They also offer immersion programs in game development, movie making and a program for young entrepreneurs called Project CEO.

If only they had camps like this when I was a kid! Imagine your child walking away from summer camp with the skills to produce a film, create a video game, build a website, or run a small start-up company? These are the kind of real-life skills I want my students to have.

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