Friday, August 15, 2008

Streamline your School's Computer Repair Cycle

AddThis Feed ButtonWhen one of our classroom computers have a problem, we have to first locate our school's computer tech person, which can be difficult because we are usually in the middle of teaching. And once we find the individual, she has to come in our room and identify the problem. If she can't fix it, she has to write up a work order. This all wastes too much time. One step in the right direction is to design a computer REPAIR FORM in Microsoft Word, save it as a template, then e-mail it to the entire staff.

This template can then be saved to the teacher's desktop and filled out whenever a computer problem occurs. Teachers can simply fill in the information: i.e. computer make, inventory sticker number, teacher name, room number, problem, etc. and print or e-mail the form to the tech lab person. If she thinks it's a problem she can fix, she can attend to it at her earliest convenience. If she can't fix it, then she has all the information right there in front of her to input into the system to submit the work order.

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