Friday, August 22, 2008

Make Contact: Ask a NASA Astronaut a Question

What was it like to walk out into space for the first time? Is fixing the telescope like fixing a car, with all of its little parts? What does it feel like being in space, and how would you describe the takeoff? These are just some of the questions children (and adults) are asking astronauts -- but these astronauts are not answering these questions on the ground...they're answering these questions from 220 miles above the Earth. Astronaut Greg Chamitoff, aboard the International Space Station is ready to take your questions. Here is your chance to hear direct from space. Click Here to submit your own questions. Each week, questions will be transmitted to Greg from Mission Control and his answers to a few of them will be available.>View Greg Chamitoff's answers to your questions Make contact! Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with a real live astronaut while he's on the job.

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